Website Update! / by Claudio Paola

Hey everybody!

It's been quite a while since the last update to the site. Well, I've kept busy, took some banger photos and have uploaded several of them! I have also added more categories in the Photography section: Food, Architecture, Toys, Portraiture & Subject! Hope you all enjoy them!  

Besides photography, I've been shooting so much video as well! My YouTube channel has seen the longest 'pause' with the last video being from December 2017! Crazy! Since then, I've moved back to Toronto and found a stellar job. I have been making SO much content that you'll be seeing more regular uploads! These range from vlogs, how-to videos, toy unboxings, game review and the return of wed-NES-day! 

I'll try to keep this website updated more often! Thanks for stoppin' by, folks! 


- Claudio Paola